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Kosher Inspections Service India was established by Rabbi Avraham Binyamin in early 1990 in India. We worked in India more than 2 decade and practically was only Rabbi in India. Benjamin used to say “In our community, a rabbi is not only a spiritual leader but also a role model and counsellor for people. It is a tough job being the only rabbi in India, but the community will vouch that I have been up to the task,” says. Apart from providing spiritual counselling, Benjamin also leads spiritual services, such as Shabbat and High Holy Day services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. He is also the only person who can officiate over naming ceremonies, weddings and funerals. After his Demise in December 2021 firm is going to integrate with EZ Kosher Services, Rabbi David Refaeli and local team, Mr. Abid Telgi and Ajay Kumar Gakhar. Kosher Inspections Service-India is leading brand of Kosher in India sub-continent and certificate issued by us are globally acceptable. Kosher Certificate issued by us follow stringent process. We are group of Orthodox Rabbi. We are leader in India and most trustworthy and affordable kosher certification agency. At present Kosher Inspection Service India is Number 1 agency in india, It capture more than 50% market share. Every second customer belongs to kosher Inspection Service India.

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Rabbi David Refaeli

Rabbi David Refaeli Born in Cape town, South Africa, After Practice long time over a period of 10 years in Johannesburg South Africa, he shifted to London and worked there for two years and then Shifted to Israel Jerusalem. In 2017 he started working with Indian Clients with EZ Kosher Services and presently working with EZ Kosher Services and Kosher Inspections Services India, In India and doing spiritual preaching and Kosher Certification practice in in Israel.

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Our Team




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